Add a queue/"Next Up" feature to iOS. It's so simple.

  • 13 March 2019
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Almost every music streaming service I can think of has a queue feature for the mobile app. I mean, SoundCloud even has the feature available on Android and Mac. But why wouldn't this be available on iOS? The "Next Up" feature was created so, so long ago for Android and Mac that I genuinely feel that there is some deliberate laziness going on here. It would be so simple and easy to add to iOS, and I see no reason at all why it hasn't been added yet. This request has been made so many times and has not even been responded to by SoundCloud staff. (Maybe they've read it and ignored it, but I don't see why they logically would. Spotify totally has the leg up here. They have a queue feature. But this is such a solvable issue.) This is honestly laughable to me. When will our voices be heard?

1 reply


How can this hasnt been implemented yet? This is the worst part about Soundcloud