Ads appearing every time I pause my song and in general far too frequently.

  • 9 April 2019
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I already thought the ads were outrageous when I was getting them after every single darn song. Then, recently I got ads whenever a song repeated, like I'm not pressing next or anything (Never had that happen to me before). Then today I find out that every time I PAUSE MY SONG AND PRESS PLAY I GET AN AD. And it's the same damn 31 second non-skippable Pitbull ad. Like are you seriously making it so that the only way to enjoy Soundcloud and not be blasted with a 31 second non-skippable ad every time you pause is to have Go? It has been far too outrageous lately. Please fix this ASAP, it has been ruining my experience for several days.

1 reply

I absolutely agree! I have no ads I’m able to skip. I will open the app. OPEN where I have not had music playing at all before, and the first thing is an ad. I’ve been in the middle of a song searching for another one when an ad has come up. Shutting my search down since I cant close or skip it. They’re excessive, and ruining the user experience. They don’t have an actual support or complaint number or email to call so SoundCloud has trash customer service. Just they really don’t care about that aspect of their app or site. That’s why they make these bullshit forums for “help”. It has gotten ridiculous and I find myself using SoundCloud less and less the more the ads increase. They’ve gotten longer, more frequent and unskippable. It has made the whole experience of using their app less enjoyable. Starting to wish the rumors of them going bankrupt were true.