Allow Artist to sell their music direct from Soundcloud

  • 30 November 2017
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I know many artists who use the buy this song button, but these buttons re-direct to other websites like beatport, bandcamp, iTunes, ect. It would be great if I had the option to buy music directly from Soundcloud such that I can support the artist and Soundcloud.

Then when I buy music from Soundcloud, that music can go into a "purchased stream" that I can then export all at once (since I update my phone with music about once a month) or any one track that I purchased previously. If the artist wants to remove the track from soundcloud, then he can change the song type to delete where it will become invisible to all locations except the purchase locations where it will be available to those who bought the music for the next 30 days only (they can be notified via email they have 30 days to download a copy of the music before it is permanently deleted from soundcloud).

0 replies

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