• 7 December 2018
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What is the holdup??

Why is this not a thing yet? Why wasn't Android Auto support added to the roadmap as soon as it was announced (*cough* like your competitors *cough*)? If this was supported, SoundCloud's usage and userbase would balloon.

My Spotify usage has increased at least 3x and my SoundCloud usage has decreased at least 3x SOLELY because of Android Auto support or the lack thereof. I love the service, but I'm THIS close to cancelling my paid subscription ONLY BECAUSE I cannot use the service where I listen to music the most, like I can with (all of) your competitors' apps. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Get the picture?

SoundCloud now is pretty much the ONLY major (PAID) streaming music service which does NOT support Android Auto. The ONLY one. Even TIDAL supports it. TIDAL, which has all of 75 users! Android Auto has been available for years and is reaching maturity, so what's the excuse? Why does SoundCloud refuse to implement support for this? What the hell?

Give your users SOMETHING. Your users have been asking about this for years, and SoundCloud's silence on the matter makes it even MORE frustrating. If your goal is to lose subscribers, good job, this is how you lose subscribers.

This can't take more than a few sprints to implement. Even if it takes double, triple, ten times that, it's worth the development time. Crazy idea, but maybe SoundCloud should start paying attention to what their users request if they want to retain subscribers and improve their performance.

7 replies

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And that's it. Subscription cancelled.

Way to go, SoundCloud. Get your priorities straight.
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Hi guggles,

As far as I know, SoundCloud is currently not planning to include Android Auto support. However, I've moved your topic to the "Ideas for SoundCloud" subforum to make sure our product teams can take note.
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Thanks for confirming that this is not on the roadmap. That's really unfortunate.

Can you give any information as to the reason why? Clearly this is something your users are asking for, and you're losing customers (free and paying) over it. This is an incredibly useful feature, for both usability and safety, which all of your major competitors support. This can't be too tough to implement.

What gives?
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Hey guggles,

I don't know all of the ins and outs regarding the priorities each of our product team makes during their plannings, but our support teams are always forwarding the feedback we receive from our users back to the teams to provide an insight from that end.

There are many different aspects considered in the decision making process, with the user being one of them, however we cannot guarantee if, when, how etc. a feature request is addressed.

I understand your point, and your frustration (and I wish there was more I could do from my end) and have forwarded the feedback for you now.
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So you guys are cool with losing customers simply cause you don't want to listen what the CUSTOMER wants? Interesting strategy you guys got going here...
@Mathis So adding a simple integration code, which I looked up and deeply read about, for
customers to enjoy music on the road. The coding team needs this link have make it happen. I'm sick of waiting for a simple integration to happen for 4 years now. it needs to stop here Soundcloud.

Yeah I pretty much stopped using SoundCloud because there is no Android Auto support. 


Damn even Synology DS Audio supports AA. That's how I listen to my mixes.