App-prompting making SoMe marketing useless - Workarounds or alternatives needed!

  • 17 March 2019
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OK so here's the deal; I co-own and run a music label, and we at the label would love to continue using Soundcloud as one of our main displays in terms of online music promotion. The thing is, however, normal people don't use the Soundcloud phone app as much as actual audio/music creators do. So, E.G., we want to promote some new release or whatever, but since at some point last year, clicking onSC-related links on a phone browser will now result in Soundcloud prompting to install the app instead of just playing the audio in the browser. This basically means that that the part of our SoMe promotion that involves SC-links directed to people who don't use the SC app (which OFC is the majority of people) is effectively useless. I think this kind of pushy behaviour is a huge obstacle for businesses like mine that uses SC as it's main online promo display. I know that most app creators do this kind of prompting thing, trying to lure people away from browser version and over to the full app, but in terms of Soundcloud and Soundcloud's actual audience/uploader relatonship and the streaming market demographics in general, the app-prompting, in Soundcloud's case, is just completely pointless. Like, if 1000 people see our link online, maybe one or two hardcore bored fans will be willing to install a 40mb+ app in order to listen to a 2 min clip. So basically no one checks out our content via SoMe anymore, if we use Soundcloud-links.
Basically, it seems like the Soundcloud team has been a bit naive in terms of what kind of market shares and user data they will be able to get a hold of from just presenting innocent music fans with an annoying promt box. Soundcloud is NOT going to take over the commercial streaming market, and this kind of strategy just goes to show that SC is not concerned enough about the already existing, usually pretty loyal community. It's like you've married someone but then they'd like to double marry you or whatever, and we all know getting married twice is for bored losers. It's just lame and weird.

We're therefore OFC currently considering alternative platforms, but we would of course love to keep using SC if possible, SO;

IS there any workaround to avoid this scenario? Or at least any ideas to what SC could do in the future to overcome this problem?

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