Blocking Tags

  • 8 September 2017
  • 1 reply

So, me myself, I really don't like house music. And I also don't like certain types of pop or dance music. I feel like, there should be an option to block tags, like "House", "Electronic Pop", or "Dance" for my case. Of course, other people can block other types of music, but the songs labelled with those tags will not show up in your feed, even if it is a song shared by someone you are following. I'm not sure what topic this would cover, so I just selected playlists.

1 reply

Yes, please, a thousand times yes. I'm utterly sick of music or podcasts that have absolutely nothing in common with what I was listening to starting to play at the end of my stream.

Edit: I also do not understand why this was not built in from the very start, considering the huge variation in types of content that can be created even by a single artist.