Bookmarks - Jump to current song in feed (app) - Listened to - Customizable Color Coding

  • 20 April 2018
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Bookmarks - Jump to current song in feed (app) - Listened to - Customizable Color Coding

These 3 clutch features that would make navigation & random listening more cohesive:

Bookmark* where you previously stopped listening to your stream or any feed so you can go straight back to that spot and continue from there. Also a color coded banner that highlights your bookmark would be great. Something that goes all the way across the screen (easy to catch the eye). If I could set my colors myself it would be ideal but basically what I would like to see is one color (blue/red/orange, just something that pops) for my most recent bookmark, and a different color (grey) that shows all historical bookmarks.

Jump to current playing track* (on app ios). When listening to your stream (unlike the website) it does not track the currently playing song. Therefore, when you want to find which song is playing in your stream you have to scroll & scroll until you find those TINY letters saying "now playing".

Listened to* would indicate which posted songs/playlist you have already heard so you can easily find the tracks/playlists that you missed.

Just to recap:

2. Jump to current track (app)
3. Color coding (customizable)
4. Listened to

An icon for 1 & 2 on both the website and app would make my listening experience more complete.

Help me make some noise about this!

~posted: 4/20/2018

3 replies

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Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. I've moved this over to the Ideas for SoundCloud subforum and will forward your feedback to the relevant product team.

+1 from me.