[BUG REPORT] Hour posted inconsistency

  • 8 February 2018
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Hi everyone,

First I'd like to say, I'm sorry if this isn't the place to file a bug report. I find it weird that there isn't a "File a bug" button or that it isn't easy to find.

Anyways, I was refreshing the page of Noisia Radio yesterday afternoon waiting for the last podcast to pop up, which happened too late for my working day. So today I go on their page again and see on the front page the last episode was released "20 hours ago". Weird, I didn't see it yesterday around 17:00. Then I click on the episode itself and there it says it was posted "16 hours ago".

links :
front page :
track page :

I realize this won't matter much in a few hours when they both say "1 day ago", but I thought it was interesting to notify you guys. Also I had an idea why : maybe they actually uploaded it 20 hours ago, but in private and released it to public 4 hours later, then front page shows upload time and track page the release time. I believe it shouldn't be that way.

tl;dr : there's inconsistency between time posted on artist front page and specific track page.

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