Can we PLEASE have an option to remove REPOSTS from our stream ??

  • 3 March 2019
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The streaming facility has been absolutely ruined by reposts. Someone who hasn't produced any music for ages can still go an a rampage and reposts dozens of pieces of no interest - just really polluting the stream. I know I don't rely on the stream the way I used to and worse, I know other people have quit checking it too (!) because they don't know when I've just published something either. This really shouldn't be difficult to implement - in fact you allow people to view just "tracks" on each artist's page, so it shouldn't be hard to filter out reposts from the stream lookup either. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEZE do this - you're literally destroying Soundcloud!!!

1 reply

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Hi there Ian,

Thanks for your feedback about this. There are currently no plans to release this feature in the near future. Meanwhile, there might be workarounds for you to achieve a similar experience.

All the best