Cancelled Soundcloud Pro

  • 27 December 2019
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After several years of paying almost $200 (or whatever it is) for the unlimited account I’ve decided to cancel and not use Soundcloud anymore.  I have a serious issue with data privacy and spam these days. This website has constant spam and does nothing about it.  It’s bad enough but I’m also paying $200/yr and they don’t care.   Now they don’t have any customer service to reach out which is why I’m posting this comment here.  Also, they still haven’t addressed tech issues such as when you attempt to upload a playlist 90% of the time there is at least one track that does not process which means you have to re-upload and then manually add each track to a new playlist, re-enter all the data and tags… it’s a pita and wastes so much time.  I’ve been waiting and hoping that is resolved for 4-5 years and nothing.  They don’t care about known major issues like that, the spam is a free for all and cheapens the product,  and there is no one to reach out to except a run around FAQ.  Soundcloud lost my business. 

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