• 7 March 2018
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It would be amazing if Soundcloud could be integrated into CarPlay like Pandora and Spotify. When I am in Carplay mode in my car, music streaming from Soundcloud always sounds choppy or distorted. This doesn't happen with Youtube (Youtube isn't integrated into CarPlay). However, playing through bluetooth or aux, the music is fine. Please fix this problem!

3 replies

I thought I was the only one! It’s super annoying and choppy and only happens through CarPlay! Very annoying so I end up using the website through safari because the playback is smooth but now they don’t let you login! I’m forced to manually search my songs... pain in the ass. Please sound cloud, a fix would be amazing.
I don't have performance issues while playing SoundCloud through Apple CarPlay, BUT it would be really great to have CarPlay compatibility including 15 or 30 second back-skip.
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I found CarPlay compatible app that works with SoundCloud - supports playlists, etc. Works with Spotify also. It’s called VOX. Works great. I would still love to have official SoundCloud CarPlay support with offline playback and all that but this is better than nothing I suppose...