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  • 17 February 2019
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It would be very, very helpful to be able to edit or even fully take back comments made in Messages but i can find no way to do that.

5 replies

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Thank you for your prompt reply this time.
I understand that my suggestion in this case might well not be implemented but it's always a good thing to get some reply that indicates that it's been received.
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Hi again Lawrence,

Gotcha. The Help Community is a place for users to help each other mainly. The "Ideas for SoundCloud" subforum was created so our users can tell the Help Community about their thoughts, ask for opinions and discuss.

Our moderators are reading your posts, too, and will make every effort for your feedback to be passed on to the relevant product team. Note that submitting your idea does not guarantee an implementation, and although we're trying to help out and reply on as many topics on the community as possible, we cannot always catch it all.

Alternatively, you can tweet the SoundCloud team, or use the contact form to set up a ticket with your question and / or feedback.
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What I was saying, or trying to say, is that I would find it very useful and helpful to be able to correct mistakes in comments I've left in "Messages" (NOT on songs.)
And Mathis why is it that I have to almost shame you into answering a question? Can you really be that busy that you're unable to answer these things the first time they're asked?
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Hi there,

Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure I understand what you would like to do actually - are you saying you would like to edit SoundCloud messages? Or comments you've made on tracks? You cannot edit these, merely delete them at this point, but I'm happy to forward your feedback to the relevant product team once clarified.

All the best
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So am I never going to get a reply to this?