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Hey Support-Team

Short: is it possible to continue listening to a track on another device or control playback on another device?

Currently switching between devices is a bit... let's say "difficult".

#1 When listening to music at home i'm used to use my Laptop. When leaving the house i'd like to continue listening to the same track and position on my mobile phone, but as far as i can see there is no synchronisation between the devices, only the notification that another device is currently playing music. Is it actually possible to see/sync playback when switching devices, pause the laptop and play on mobile where you left off? (Spotify has this)

#2 Sitting on the couch and listening to music on the computer - is there any way to change the current song via mobile phone without physically having to go to the laptop? (Spotify also has this...)

Currently those points prevent me to switch to Soundcloud as the primary music platform. As there are no other statements (as far as i could see) on those topics it would be great to know if there is the possibilkty to do #1 and/or #2 with one of the plans or if it simply not doable at the current point of time.

Thanks in advance!

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