Copyright in SoundCloud Sugestion

  • 28 June 2018
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Hello, I believe that this suggestion would help SoundCloud improve the process when it is (copyright), I believe it would also help improve the SoundCloud image for artists who are afraid of this subject in SoundCloud, of course without harming their artists that are starting in the world of music.

It is about dividing the two situations into sectors and consequently different players or regions of the App / Project, where I would use it as a MODE.

When I'm in copyrightON (©️) mode, which may be a default App setting, I'll only have access to copyright songs (©️). When the CopyrightOFF (©️) mode is spoken, I will have available what is not copyright (©️). It would now be up to Developers to distinguish the types of songs and specify them in their proper place.

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