Dark theme?

  • 24 May 2018
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Is this gonna be added anytime soon?

9 replies

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Hi there,

This is not something we're planning for release any time soon, but it's been forwarded to our product team for feedback. Hope the dar soundcloud extension that you found does the trick for the moment being 🙂
Still no dark theme ?? This is a bummer.
How about dark SoundCloud theme for mobile app?
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@Mat Isn't too much of work,hopefully it gets added. It works for now,thanks for response
i’m all for the dark theme
Hello, Soundcloud devs/support? Dark mode on Android app, anyone?

This is being requested for some *years* now.
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If you use desktop soundcloud you can get an extension called Stylish to get a dark theme
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It's called an extension for a reason 😕 I'm talkin about the site overall but i found an extension "dark soundcloud" and it seems to be working decent