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  • 14 February 2019
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Just adding my own feedback supporting a dark theme. I noticed they said last year it's not something they are considering anytime soon. I would like to propose to move it out of backlog. Multiple sites are adopting dark theme toggles. Aside from reducing eye strain and power consumption, dark is the new black 😋.

Please reconsider your stance on implementing a dark theme!

8 replies

Joining this request too for a dark theme on the mobile app.
Please consider this, it's becoming a norm nowadays.
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Hey there springsource and Valer,

Thank you for letting us know about this. I will file your ticket as a feature request within our system. Hopefully more users will request the same feature and our developers would then be able to prioritize it and make it available in a future update!
@Navid many thanks!
Looking forward to it.
Dark theme please !!
Dark theme is now available, at least in Android mobile app.
Many thanks to everyone involved for that! 🙂
Explain this... Idk how i got it
Explain this... Idk how i got it
While on your profile section in the app - click Settings. You'll now see the option "Theme", where you can choose the Dark theme.

Prior to that I guess you should update to the latest version of the app.
Will dark theme be available on iOS?