Disable Re-Posts in Stream

  • 17 October 2017
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Hey SoundCloud! 😃

It would be wonderful if you could set up a "Disable Re-Posts" Checkbox feature that would hide all Re-Posts in the user's Stream of incoming songs (from those they are Following.)

It would allow a user to browse a stream of only ORIGINAL posts, which would be really awesome for connecting with the artists we want to follow - instead of the artists they are constantly reposting more often than they make music! 🙂

I love using SoundCloud to follow the artists I love, but I find it frustrating that I can't browse through their music on my Stream without having to skip a lot of their reposts.

- Teaganbear

3 replies

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Hi Teaganbear,

Thanks for your suggestion(s). 🙂

For the moment being, there might be options to achieve what you have in mind with a bit of a workaround 😉
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Thank you mathis - this workaround is PERFECT! 😃 You're the best!

I'm super excited, haha.
There is another chrome plugin known as SoundShroud