Disable Re-Posts in Stream

  • 17 October 2017
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Hey SoundCloud! 😃

It would be wonderful if you could set up a "Disable Re-Posts" Checkbox feature that would hide all Re-Posts in the user's Stream of incoming songs (from those they are Following.)

It would allow a user to browse a stream of only ORIGINAL posts, which would be really awesome for connecting with the artists we want to follow - instead of the artists they are constantly reposting more often than they make music! 🙂

I love using SoundCloud to follow the artists I love, but I find it frustrating that I can't browse through their music on my Stream without having to skip a lot of their reposts.

- Teaganbear

4 replies

There is another chrome plugin known as SoundShroud
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Oh look SoundColud! Someone has been suggesting we should be able to filter out reposts or have some way to easily see only the tracks the people we follow have uploaded. This particular suggestion was originally posted at least 2 years ago, and the last reply (before my reply here) was 1 year ago - unfortunately the suggestion of a plugin that strips reposts being a suitable fix is no good because if someone reposts a new upload then it would get removed too.

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Hi Teaganbear,

Thanks for your suggestion(s). 🙂

For the moment being, there might be options to achieve what you have in mind with a bit of a workaround 😉
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Thank you mathis - this workaround is PERFECT! 😃 You're the best!

I'm super excited, haha.