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  • 19 January 2018
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My idea for SoundCloud is to have a option to either turn off reposts from coming up in your stream all together, or make a option to disable reposts from certain artists. A good example at where this could be used, is in my personal stream. I love Gucci Mane and all his music, but he reposts songs almost every 30 minutes or hour at times, and I don't really want his reposts filling my stream, I just want his music, but on someone like Lil Uzi Vert's profile, sometimes he reposts his own songs that are uploaded on other accounts, so if we had a option to turn this on and off for certain artists, we could combat this. I feel like this would be EXTREMELY helpful for SoundCloud.
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8 replies

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Seconded. It's been years and many, many users have been asking for this feature and Soundcloud keeps turning a blind eye. Soundcloud, this is going to drive away users very soon once everyone realizes that you guys simply don't care. Sad!
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Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this. This is currently still not something SoundCloud is planning for immediate release. There might be 3rd party workarounds to achieve a similar result though.
Yes please! This is so frustrating for me as well. There are artists I like and want to support but they repost music I don't like and it ruins my streaming experience. I find myself using Spotify more and more because the stream experience at least understands that there are certain genres I don't like and won't put them in my feed.

I want a tab on the stream that allows me to only filter by "uploads" only, which is releases by artists that I follow. "The Upload" playlist is a nice addition but it is too short and includes artists I don't follow.
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OK SoundCloud. So this is another post from someone asking for a way to filter reposts so that they don’t miss the newly uploaded tracks from the artists they follow. This was originally posted 1 year ago and as you probably know this subject keeps coming up regularly on ‘Ideas for SoundCloud’. Unfortunately the suggested workaround is no good - even if the plugins worked properly they would still strip out new uploads from artists we are following if those tracks are subsequently reposted (because then those tracks appear as reposts).

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this. This is currently still not something SoundCloud is planning for immediate release. There might be 3rd party workarounds to achieve a similar result though.

No offense to you personally Mathis, but we’ve been hearing this same response since 2015, on countless posts of this EXACT same suggestion. And these various “workarounds” only ever last a month or two before the site makes changes that break them. Something I’m personally starting to believe isn’t a coincidence. :sweat_smile:

A filter, in theory, should be an incredibly easy feature to implement. So what exactly is the issue?

As I’m sure you already know, it’s common practice these days to pay someone “bigger” than you for reposts. Which has greatly diminished my opinion on (& the quality of) reposts as a whole. It’s turned the “Stream” tab, into the “Cheap Ad-Space” tab. Which makes being forced to sift through them, just that much more unbearable. 

Unfortunatly, the frustration outweighs the enjoyment at this point.

It’s a damn shame.

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I used to be part of a thriving Sound Cloud community and one by one all of us have stopped using it because the best and most important feature of SoundCloud, (The Music Stream) has become COMPLETELY USELESS.  Let me say that again in case the developers don’t understand just how bad the repost feature gets abused.   MY FEED IS USELESS.  I have to play over 100 tracks to find a single piece of music that I actually like let alone one that was actually produced by an artist that I follow.  If I activate a third party app to fix the problem, it continuously hides reposts for minutes before finding a single original track because the feed is entirely reposts.


I loved Soundcloud so much and discovered so much great music through my feed and am so sad to see that this is still not resolved.  I haven't been a serious user since 2015 but I will still come back and check periodically to see if this gets fixed.  Please listen to your community SoundCloud-your platform is fundamentally broken and you have lost so many users because of it.

I don’t give two shits what the people I follow are reposting. The extension linked above doesn’t work anymore.

hey soundcloud

not sure how to put this, but here goes:

some of the people i follow constantly flood my stream with posts and reposts, making it difficult to scroll back for, say, a week and effectively drowning out those artists who only post once in a while…

this way, a lot of new tracks go completely unnoticed.

so, the idea is quite simple: a plain text list of the people one follows, sorted by recent activity.

whaddaya say?