Dislike / hear less of button PLEASE !

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Please create a way of being able to filter out tracks you don't like out of our stream.
Nothing worse than playing down the stream having to skip tracks until you get to something you like.

Example: I love my soundcloud stream for the channels & users I follow, particularly melodic techno. But then sometimes the people I follow repost some mumble rap / EDM crap. It would be amazing if I could then dislike / unfollow this type of track, genre or BPM so that I dont get unpleasantly surprised.

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Oh yes a dear needed feature!
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Hello there,

Thanks for writing in about this. Unfortunately, we do not currently support such feature. However, your feedback is crucial. I have forwarded your email along to our developers to review as they look for ways to improve both the listening and creator experience on the platform. Please know that our team and the developers take feedback from our community very seriously, and all feedback and requests are considered when updating features.
Hey @Navid: Thanks for forward g this request to your developers. I'm not sure how much I can stress that this feature is absolutely vital, especially when comparing Soundcloud to alternative music services. At the moment I am trying to decide between either staying with Soundcloud or going with Spotify, which is what all (!) of my friends have chosen. I love the fact, that Soundcloud has so many tracks made by independent musicians, but a major feature for online music streaming services nowadays is how easy it is to discover new music.
How is Soundcloud expecting to beat Spotify's algorithms of suggesting new music, if there is no option to actively dislike a song (or even an artist)?? At that point the internal rating of a song I absolutely hate is the same as one that I kind of like, but not love. That's so blatantly obvious to me that I really don't understand how Soundcloud can NOT work on this feature already.

Just my 2 cents.

Hi @Navid, any news on this development?

For me this would be a great feature to add, either that of the algorithms that you use need to be massively improved, I get truly terrible results on Soundcloud when I start listening to some music on here, when you compare it to Spotify, the gulf is huge. It means I don't use Soundcloud that often anymore to run music whilst I'm working.
Hi @Navid,

Any chance you could respond to this?

It would indeed be great if there was a way to tell soundcloud what you don't like.

Almost every week I get tracks from an artist I don't like to listen to in my weekly list ( Almost every time I skip to the next track when the song is between 0.5-30% played (depending on if I'm paying attention or if I skip when I start to become annoyed) or skip the track entirely if it is on the first place of the list. Unfortunately soundcloud does not pick up on the fact that I do not like these tracks and tries again and again and again and again and again for months (it has only skipped the artist once as far as I know). Almost always one of these tracks is placed in the first 3 tracks with one extra on a random place in the list.

Please create a solution to this problem.
Hi @Navid,

The feature mentioned in this thread seems clearly of interest for many people. Would you or anyone else from Soundcloud please comment on this? Is this feature planned and if so, what's the ETA on it?

Simply ignoring us for such a long time is frankly a little frustrating.

"Please know that our team and the developers take feedback from our community very seriously"

Ah yeah. Is that why you don't even answer any of our messages regarding this topic? Disappointing.
Somehow I'm still being fed tracks that are not within my taste spectrum. I guess it takes time for an algorithm to be honed / hone itself. But I'm skipping through almost every track in Soundcloud Weekly and the Upload. A dislike feature would at least provide me the feeling that my choices are having an impact on what is being suggested. Thanks. 🙂
I am in full agreement with this. The programming to do this should be very easy. Soundcloud users should have the option to disallow tracks that don't belong to their account. You should not have to be surprised by hearing tracks that you may not approve of.
This is super annoying that one can not avoid annoying songs
i'm lmao at the mumble rap part because i know exactly how you feel 😂

@Navid @Mathis Any update to this? My “SoundCloud Weekly” playlist is (essentially) “broken”. For the past 4 months I’ve tracked it, over 70% of the songs were on the prior week’s playlist.  This is reducing the chances for me to discover new music, helping grow artists that have limited plays.  


Edit: I do not believe it needs to influence your “user metrics” for songs. This just needs to prevent songs from being added to the auto generated playlists: “Soundcloud weekly”, “Stations”, “Continuous playing”. So this would be in additional logic to your playlist generation logic that prevents duplication/repeats of songs.