EMBED DARK MODE - it's 2019 already

  • 29 April 2019
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Even Apple's TV coders recognized that dark mode is better when viewing on a huge TV screen.
Dark mode is needed for websites that want to keep the "mood" dark for artists!
The Iris expanding and contracting is hard on the eyes and causes fatigue.

A white screen is not the same as a piece of white paper on your desk. It is bright like the sun in some people's eyes.

When are the embeds going to allow a simple "reversal" or have the designer control the font color and background? Including TRANSPARENCY levels.

4 replies

my thoughts exactly.

also for the website and mobile app.

"its 2019" is the main argument, but the fact that they are forcing audio ads instead on non-intrusive side banners, and reminding ppl to get soundcloud go every single time they open the app... if you're that money hungry, try giving users some of the features they've been asking for for years that make such a purchase reasonable.
ive been seeing ppl talk about a darkmode for 5 years now soundcloud needs to get they're act straight they have die hard fans who want the app to flourish but they don't seem to get anything ppl have been requesting as an artist and someone who's loved this site please just listen to us and do something save your app instead of throwing ads every 2 songs in a playlist
This is just sad. There are alternatives for dark mode on the browser but nothing for the phones.