Feature Idea for Playlists

  • 25 September 2017
  • 3 replies

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A helpful feature to add to playlists would be to add a bookmark or something to add to a song in any playlist to mark the position of the song we last listened to, so we could come back to it in case we want to listen to something else further forward/back in the playlist. It would especially help when you have longer playlists.

3 replies

i was thinking the same - wish soundcloud would add that feature or was wondering how we could get the message to their developers ...
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I too wish I could resume playback from the position I was last at.
Agreed! I love some of the longer mixes and world appreciate being able to bookmark places Througout the track. Eg- 03;16; 07:23; 15;06 etc. That I could jump to when playing back after first listen. Bookmark with space for notes world be awesome. Eg "great transition", "play for honey".