Feature Request: Higher Sound Quality Option

  • 11 January 2018
  • 3 replies

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I would love to have the feature to listen to a higher bitrate version of uploaded music. I would even be willing to pay for this feature, since it would greatly improve my experience with the app.

I understand that bandwidth sometimes can be a limitation on higher bitrates at times. However, having the possibility of a high quality listening experience, especially for the music I have saved for offline listening, is something that is expected in most audio products today and one that feels like a glaring omission in my experience with Soundcloud.

3 replies

It is a harsh reality to face, but 128kbps is a bitrate standard leftover from the dawn of mp3s in the late 90s.

It rides the line between being reasonably listenable and just slightly tinny. It was a standard due to sizing constraints from a much earlier version of the internet.

A lot of folks are demanding 320kbps which is fine, as it is essentially the highest quality standard just below lossless. and lossless audio becomes exponentially larger than any mp3.

That said I think SoundCloud may want to consider stepping the minimum standard up to at least 192kbps. In my experiences, the size difference is fairly benign, but the quality is much, much better. Many subtle qualities of a song reveal themselves at this bitrate and higher. 128 is wholly antiquated in my opinion.

SoundCloud, let's get the necessary people in one room/call and make this issue important.

Yes! Please bring up the bitrate to at least 192 or 256kbps! 128kbps is just horrible.
I agree that *at least* 256kbps should be the default now-a-days. Also there are better encoders to look into (opus...)