Feature request: Playlists in reversed order

  • 2 February 2020
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Hi, I actively use your awesome music platform to express my music taste trough playlists.

But these playlists have gotten so big that they got around 300 tracks in em. I’d like to request a button to  see and play the playlist in reverse order, from bottom to top :)

I am a (web) application developer myself and I know it should only take an half hour - hour max to implement, the query just needs to have an “ORDER BY ‘the number of the song in the playlist’ ASC / DESC” on the end. And then just a button on the view passing to controller → model with that single line added to the query there. (Or you could do the ordering in the array/list in the controller)

Please do this! That way people can easily check out the latest new songs in actively updated playlists so I think it’ll be an easy improvement to the platform :)

Greetz, Rikj000

Also: This feature seems to already have been requested a few times but I thought I’d still bump the topic

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