Feature to dislike tracks & filter them out from my view of playlist

  • 13 January 2018
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I love searching for and listening to playlists on SoundCloud while I'm working (computer programming). But even playlists that are great for concentration have some annoying tracks. Having to switch over to the SoundCloud browser window and click the "Next" button interrupts my workflow. Having to repeatedly do this even for the same track on the same playlist seems so unnecessary. I should simply be able to click "Dislike" on that track and then that track will be filtered out from my view of that playlist. Clicking "Dislike" will cause the player to immediately move to the playlist's next track, and the disliked track won't play the next time I listen to the playlist

8 replies

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+1 (me too)
This is so important. How could SoundCloud ever accurately analyse what music people like by only accepting favourites and not dislikes? Just because someone didnt press favourite doesnt mean they dont like it, it could mean they forgot to favourite it, but it could also mean they didnt like it. Also people may put stuff in playlists instead of favouriting and that could mean something completely different than favouriting. I could make a playlist of top 100 worst songs on soundcloud. How does soundcloud analyse my music taste? by assuming that playlist is what i want to listen to? By looking at what i favourited?
An absolute must-have for me! I literally NEVER like the tracks that come after the tracks that I had selected for playing.
I've long wanted a feature like this. It shouldn't show as a public dislike but there are some songs that show up when e.g. listening to a Station based on things I've liked that I would just love to suppress and never hear again (or at least not for a long while). Ideally it'd be another list akin to Listening History or Liked Tracks (but not public), in case I accidentally Supress / Dislike a track.
Yes add this feature pls! There a some odd tracks in my SoundCloud Weekly
I have been randomly playing hundreds of songs but almost find nothing I like. And I believe the reason that SoundCloud only recommend rubbish songs "based on what I've liked or played" is exactly because it never allows me to dislike any of them.
And what makes it remarkable is it has been this way for such a long time.
Urgently need Feature to dislike tracks....