Features for soundcloud (for users and labels)

As one of SoundClouds strength lies in its ability to promote smaller & upcoming artist, many indie labels on here have emerged and are being created on a daily basis with great ease- which is great. In order to further differentiate Soundcloud from other streaming platforms it would be quite useful for event organisers and labels to have more features for artist management and local talent search. Searches or Artists from your page which can be filtered by location would be quite useful for organising events and easily find artists close by. A map (by country/city) along with growth (followers) information would be a great tool to use for labels to find local talent to sign and to hire for performances. This could be something that Soundcloud can monetise too, selling data on music growth/trends, taking a commission for the artist discovery as a whole or just for the booking aspect (can include verified venues), maybe local event suggestions based on who you follow, integrations with resident advisor could be an option.

among other things also:
  • messaging for mobile
  • distinction songs vs podcasts (in likes & stream)
  • more advanced search features with filters (ex: verified and unverified, length, #likes etc.)
  • more organised messaging features for Soundcloud pro with folders, reminders, scheduled messaging, file transfers.
  • more statistics on local artist/track traction with growth indications
  • letting labels represent their artists on their page more clearly - tag label that is shown on tracks on top of just the description/track title
  • Distinctions between uploads (original content, premieres and remixes or re-uploads from existing tracks)
Not sure how realistic these changes may be, but thought this feedback might be helpful.

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