Feedback For The Windows 10 App

  • 9 November 2017
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overall i like the feel of the app. it feels and looks very smooth. it doesn't lag, it opens up fast and net usage is lower than on the browser.

but its really annoying that some of the things dont work like they do in the browser, even though it would make total sense.

for example:
clicking the artists name, does not take you to their profile.
the bare at the bottom, that tells you what song is playing, is not always visible.
everything is very simplified, so things like "liking" a track can only be done by playing the track first. (instead of a "..." menu, or a right click)
the song queue doesn't exist for some reason...

... and many more inconsistencies, that just makes it confusing and takes the overall experience down.

7 replies

Glad someone else has started the topic, and you do point out most of the little niggles as well as the positives I feel personally.

Basically, I love this minimalist aesthetic and speed that comes along with it against other music apps like spotify, but perhaps a little more interactivity would be nice. Things like:

Adding songs to playlists or the queue,
A volume slider so users don't need to mess about with Windows' volume mixer,
Perhaps ability to give feedback direct from the app seeing as how it is still a beta,
Mouse controls e.g. back button like in a browser,
Artist recent activity,
Ability to comment on tracks

Obviously I understand to add everything the website has in terms of features would defeat the purpose of having an app altogether, since it's a relatively quick and agile program to run that takes very little bandwidth, but like the OP says, a little improvement in the UI would bring the app a long way 😃
The app is very smooth and minimalistic! I love it and use it everyday. Its very good but lacks something... The Artwork of the tracks! Put the artwork behind the blurred background with a much less blur than the current. That would be lovely and completely change how the app looks! I'm using the app right now and I think that going to the home to change track or seeing the name is a bit... boring :3 . So try this concept studio or whatever and give us the update if you guys like my idea! Love the idea for an app but (there is always a "but")... UI makes the app more enjoyable and bearable in the long run. See if you liked the idea and always remember, We are here to test your app for anything!
Everyone else said all I wanted to, but I wanted to reinforce the "inconsistent" concept that J. Heron brought up. If the intention is to provide the same experience as the web on the desktop, then please bring Stations to the desktop app.

Stations are basically all I use this site for since they bring so much new music to me (on top of the Upload, which in itself is a great feature). I would love to switch to the desktop app but won't be until Stations become a thing.
Edit: found it

Overall it's doing really good for being just a beta, it's missing somethings like the track player. Ya'know the thing that shows you where you are in the track? That to me was probably one of the most important parts. And one more thing, the "Prev. Song" button should be a way to restart the track don't you think? All the others do it, and it would make things a lot easier if you guys could try to add it in.
Everybody has already talked about why you should improve the UI so I'm not even gonna try to say anything.👍
The app opens, but as soon as I click on a track to play, the app closes by itself. Immediately...
I haven't really explored much of the app as I should but there's just a few things that I wanted to say. First of all the interface is very smooth and seems fine to me but there is one thing. I feel like people in industries add so much little ways to do one simple thing is because it gives the user a familiar feel and makes it easier for the user to get from one place to another with out having to figure out a way to do it... trust me I've done it and I'm sure a lot of other people have... that one thing that you don't know how to do and you spend what feels like and hour trying to figure it out when it seems so obvious. But yeah, that kind of thing. Also, long titles.... I don't like that the playlist is so condensed to where you can't see the whole title of the song. And yes, I have tried hovering over the song to see if it would show everything else and tried selecting it but it only pauses and plays as I try to do this. Yes I am being very picky and I know there are other problems that are much more important(ehem-trackplayer-ehem) but its something to think about. Maybe like revealing the song while you haver over it.
Has app been abandoned? Within 30 seconds of use I was wondering why I can't see the tracklist for a mix despite it being on the web... Did any users of the platform actually test this? 🤔

That aside, the minimal nature of it is nice.