For Audio Creators, NOT Repost Pages

  • 28 February 2018
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Hi I'm David, an Artist on Soundcloud striving to make a living from what I love. Soundcloud is a great platform for starting artists to begin building their profile.

I believe Soundcloud is not aware of the scams that are all over the platform involving Reposts(tweet screenshot.) Companies like Artist Intelligence, EDM Tube and Gentle Fox (screenshots) are charging for users to repost tracks on a number of accounts. I've tried all of these and got scammed with near to zero plays ($150USD.) I can't help but get the impression that these accounts have mainly bot followers. I'm not the only person that has got scammed, hard working artists pay these companies everyday - look at their reposts on their accounts. Is this really what Soundcloud is about? Do I have to out noise another artist for users to give my song a chance?

Restrict users to 1 repost a day.
This will benefit the artist, listener and Soundcloud:

Users will be reposting what they actually enjoy

Repost pages will have less power and are more likely repost what their fans are likely to enjoy (if they are not bots)

It makes a repost that more valuable than a "like" because a user must really enjoy something if their willing to use their daily repost

Less Clutter on feed from one account continuously reposting

Artists are more likely to get plays from their followers

Soundcloud Algorithmic playlist will be more accurate because it won't be showing the listener a random song where the artist paid various repost pages

Users are more likely to BUY SOUNDCLOUD GO accounts because they are continuously finding music they enjoy that is not on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. You even boast in your adverts that you have more tracks than "the other guys" (can't find the ad, but I've heard it on Soundcloud)

Overall, the only type of user that it hurts is the repost page, putting more power to the artist, listener and label.

We, the creators, just want Soundcloud to be about the music, is that too hard to ask for?

"it [soundcloud] is built from the creators" - Kerry Trainor (Soundcloud CEO)


5 replies

@Mathis would love to have your opinion on this as it effects every audio creator on Soundcloud
@Mathis is there any way you could pass it on as this is very important
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Hi Rossie,

It's a problem, no doubt. These companies actually breach our terms of use, and our Trust & Safety team continues to look into improving our systems to detect this kind of accounts & prevent them from being created in the first place, which isn't always easy. More info can be reviewed here on our Help Center:
Oh wow I didn't know 🙂 thanks for sending me this and replying
@Mathis really thought this is important because there are accounts of over 1 million followers that offer this service - right under your nose