Get notifications when an artist you follow uploads new stuff

  • 1 October 2018
  • 1 reply

It would be great to add this option which will display a notification when an artist you follow uploads new stuff. Often, if you follow many profiles/artists, there are a lot of contents in your home page and you have to scroll down a lot to listen all new stuff uploaded, losing a lot of time and listening repost stuff which sometimes doesn't properly fit with your likes.

With notification system you can go directly through the content you want from your favourite artist.

This system will also improve your exposure as artist, because if you are an artist and you will upload new stuff, your followers will get a notification, this will increase of 100 % opportunity to get noticed from all of your followers.

What you guys think about that ??

1 reply

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Oh look SoundColud! Someone has been suggesting reposts are making it difficult to see when the people we follow have uploaded a track. This particular suggestion was originally posted at least 1 year ago.