GIFs for Album Artwork

  • 17 August 2017
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I uploaded an animated GIF file by accident and noticed it played on the Upload screen.. very exciting! It doesn't work once the track is upload though.

If it was possible to allow us to use GIFs as art, people may really get into it. It would bring some life to the static soundcloud page without breaking the layout (like youtube's thumbnail previews) it sounds like a small thing but i think people would go crazy for it.

Perhaps a partnership with GIPHY? Or just letting user's upload .gif. Just a thought!

5 replies

I couldn't agree more! I find that I get more plays when I include custom art for a track. I usually do this by using fonts and layering images with different degrees of transparency in powerpoint. Today, I stumbled across this effect, which would be awesome to use:
I know... I seriously wish gifs were supported! I have had several releases that I wanted a gif image for the cover. I mean seriously, an album cover that is a gif? #HowSickIsThat!
We built a tool that would be perfect to generate such animated GIFs ( For the time being you can use it to generate videos for other social networks. C'mon SoundCloud! 😉
Dude, do you realise how wavy that would be?