Giving feedback is ridiculously hard!! Do you actually want it?

  • 12 November 2017
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Dear Whoever designed the feedback process you actively encourage me to take part in when installing Soundcloud for Windows beta, have you actually tested this at all?
Let me help - feedback should happen within the app, not take me to your general support website where I have to start hunting around for some way of giving feedback on the app.
I'm available for hire if you want to employ me part time to help make your UX enjoyable instead of super annoying.

3 replies

I tried to post this in Desktop but accidentally double clicked (my mouse is old) and it sent to the wrong topic and I can't seem to change it. And I can't seem to delete it either?!
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Hi Luke,

Thank you for your feedback. I'll pass this on to the right team accordingly.

I was just thinking the same. I just installed the Windows beta and instantly experienced a bug which I wanted to just quickly report. 5 minutes later I think I've found maybe the place to do it in this message board... I just want to say 'hey, when this happens your app breaks' and get on with my day!