Google Home x SoundCloud ideas!

  • 10 December 2017
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Hello, this post is going to be ideas/recommendations that you think would make SoundCloud work better when it comes to Google Home (note: I am not a representative from Google or SoundCloud, I just want opinions on what you guys think could make SoundCloud work better on Google Home when it gets added!). I have some ideas myself but I’ll put them somewhere else!

5 replies

Alright, so my idea I mentioned, instead of having to cast your audio from your mobile device you could just simply say, “Hey Google, play ______________ on SoundCloud” or “Hey Google, play my liked tracks on SoundCloud” or “Hey Google, shuffle my liked tracks on SoundCloud”, “Hey Google, shuffle my _________ playlist on SoundCloud”, “Hey Google, play my (playlist name here) playlist”, or lastly “Hey Google, repeat this track” but those are just suggestions, feel free to leave them on this post or just reply to the first one before this! Have a nice day
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It's clear SoundCloud doesn't care, they made a blog post almost a year ago about Google Home integration ... but yet ... nothing has happened 😞
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HI there,

Thanks for your input. I've forwarded the topic to the relevant product team. @myles - we take our user feedback very seriously, however cannot always promise if, how and when a feature is going to be available. I'll ping them about the blog post as well. :)

Soundcloud will win the golden raspberry for Google Home Integration.
This is just ridiculous epic Fail till now :(
Go back to sleep Soundcloud! The world goes on turning without you.
Any timeline on Google home integration?
We'd like to have the feature very much!
But please don't require a pay subscription...
Thanks for your efforts!!