Hide/disable preview tracks with a Soundcloud Go subscription

  • 25 June 2018
  • 3 replies

Dear support team,

I'm a great fan of your site and therefore I subscribed to your Soundcloud Go package.

I understand, that you need profit to run the site, but please give paying customers the possibility to disable the preview tracks.

If the option is already somewhere I would be glad if you could provide a litte description how to turn the preview tracks off.


3 replies

Literally woke up this morning hoping to listen to some songs and now every single album and song is just the go preview even the ones I literally listened to last night it’s hella annoying too
can you please turn of preview
I second this! I don't need ANY preview "feature" on my account. Please make a possibility to disable it. It's like Soundcloud demo version - something I don't want to use at all.