How is there no messanger on mobile ?

  • 19 December 2017
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It can't be that hard

6 replies

I was also wondering the same thing for a while now...
You'd think it couldn't be that much of an effort to put the messaging feature into an upcomming update of the Soundcloud / Pulse App right? since there isn't any messaging feature now implemented into it...
I mean... now whenever i'm on my mobile and i want to see or send a message, first i need to go to my mobile's Web Browser, then ask for the desktop-site in prefferences, sign in, etc..
Alot of(unnecessary) effort right? and which also (sadly) not even all of the time will succeed whenever signing in to the page on a mobile Web Browser using the desktop site.
So i'm really looking forward to see the messaging feature on the Soundcloud App(s) in the future. 🆒
Wow is this site hard 2 navigate. I spent all day trying to find out why I cannot message. Just to find this out.:@
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agreed. it should be on there
you would think so. I do more things on the go on my mobile. Then I do on my computer.:8
I say we start a petition. It is absolutely frustrating to find out someone messaged you three months ago on your profile and now there is no way of getting a hold of them. Fix your app soundcloud. Please.
I sure would appreciate it!