i think that soundcloud would benefit greatly from an amazon echo skill

  • 5 November 2019
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So soundcloud is a pretty popular music platform and i think its due for an alexa skill and/or google home skill/app. i’m not super big on the technical side of it but i think the soundcloud devs could push one out fairly quick i’ve seen videos of people whipping up skills for fun so it looks to be somewhat easy (if i’m right), it would open up the platform to tons of people especially with the growing popularity of smart homes. theirs very few platforms on smart homes anyways. amazon music for echo which isn't very good in general and not many people use it. apples smart home the home pod which was pretty much a flop doesn't let any music platforms have skills that i know of you can stream to it but no actual skills/apps cuz ya we all know how apple is like . and then the google home which i think their main platform would be youtube pretty good but not very good for the sort of unheard and new creators. 


so now lets be real here the 2 viable ways for smart home sound cloud skills would be on the amazon echo and google home devices. and the big bad competitor would be spotify which makes it look pretty hard to compete BUT even tough there are a tiny amount of music skills spotify is allmost exlusive for all smart home so then if soundcloud were to make one the would gain a whole lotta listeners for the people that enjoy soundclouds content more.  im pretty much forced to use spotify because it the only music good platform that has the skill. i use both but id drop spotify entirely if i had soundcloud on my smart homes because i have way more music and artists that i can listen to that are smaller creators and arent on spotify while still having all the mainstream artists. even if it has to be a basic skill for only selecting playlists, i think it would still be a huge step in the right direction.

thx for reading through my ideas if you did :) let me know what you think.


1 reply

Same here. I mostly listen to music via my several Amazon Echos, which allow me an affordable multiroom music setup at home. In my car I am listening through Android Auto.  On both I am forced to use Spotify, even though I rather would use Soundcloud - but they just are not compatible. I also had to switch from Soundcloud Go+ to Spotify premium because of this missed opportunity by souncloud. And there is no reaction or statement by soundcloud since more than 2 years now. I am really tired to wait for SoundCloud to take action. Sometimes I think, that Soundloud is just not interested in staying on the market.