• 17 June 2018
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You should have forums where we can communicate, collaborate and discuss, not just a help center community. You should also add the ability to purchase like banner ads on your website. So we can actually promote our tracks on your website. I also think the design of the forums/community you have now is kinda confusing and lacks ease of access. It should be more intuitive.

2 replies

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Should also let us sell our songs on here.
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Hi @KaiN,

Please feel free to use the following forums on our Community for that:

These are dedicated areas for our SoundCloud users to talk about non-Support related topics. :)

About selling your songs: This is not something SoundCloud has provided before, however there are a few things you can do:

You can set up a "Buy" link if you're selling your music somewhere else on the internet (your own website, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.). If you're on the SoundCloud Pro / Unlimited plan, you can also change the term "buy" to your liking.

Apart from that, we continue to extend our Premier program in the future, so you might want to sign up on the newsletter here: