Ideas to combat spam:

  • 22 March 2019
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  • make a track like button unclickable until the person has listened to at least 15 seconds or 25% of the track if it's under 1 minute. This way, it will be more tedious to spam accounts to go through and listen to each track for 15 seconds. plus, listeners can find out better if they really like your track or not instead of just assuming they like it because of the artist
  • insta-remove any account that reposts a track that has "Submit Your Track" in the name and any track that has the obnoxious bright orange spam profile pic with the text and arrows
  • ban from SoundCloud/report companies/organizations who create this kind of spam to promote their service
  • recruit more people or get people to spend more of their time removing these accounts
  • get people to look into and research the spam and find new ways to keep it off SoundCloud, so if it evolves and/or persists, SoundCloud and its team can keep up
What do you think? Any other good ideas?

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