Implement a smart discover feature

  • 14 August 2017
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Hey mods, quit dissaproving my posts.

A great idea would be to implement a discovery feature where you can find the top profiles which have reposted the greatest number of tracks you've also reposted and or liked. This way you can easily have access to profiles of whoms taste in music matches yours best. There should also be a percentage statistic where you are given the percentage of matching reposts out of the total tracks posted/reposted by the specific profile as the profiles of which are presented sheerly based off the overall number of matching reposts could very well be spamming

For example, if a profile has posted/reposted 1000 total tracks, 100 of which are tracks that you've ALSO reposted(or liked), there would be a 10% match percentage.

Then say you have a profile that has posted/reposted 5000 total tracks, 200 of which you've ALSO reposted, while there are more TOTAL matching reposts the percentage is far lower at 4%

Some sort of algorithm would also need to be implemented to prevent profiles of which have a very low number of posts/reposts from showing up (i.e. a profile with 5 total reposts and an 100% match rate)

Lets make this happen

Unrelated sidenote: When you go to view the reposts of a specific track, you should be able to sort the profiles by follower count

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