Improved "Following" section of the page

The current "Following" section of the website only displays the users in the reverse order you have added them. It only displays first 36 or something users initially and to get the full list you need to scroll down for a very long time. Fortunately, there is "Search", which is useful when you know the handle of the user or part of it. Otherwise the current design only supports the scenario when I want to check on somebody I have added recently.

I would like to be able to do following:
- see all users (pagination is okay as long as I don't have to scroll)
- see top 3 tags/genres the user has tagged their songs with
- see how many times I have listened to the user and number of likes given to them
- when did the user last upload a new song
- in addition to "Search", I'd like to be able to filter users by top 3 tags they describe their music
- sort by username, number of songs, number of times I have listened to, last time I listened to a user

For example, I would like the "Following" section of the page to allow me to answer to following questions:
1. Who are the ambient musicians I have been following?
2. Who is the one I haven't listened for a long time and missed their update in my feed?
3. What style does this user I have all forgotten about make without going to their profile page?

I would suggest adding a option to view the user list as a sortable table, where I could find what I am interested in efficiently. The current design of the "Following" section is nice and simple, but not very useful.

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