Improvements/ Suggestions for SoundCloud and Pulse

  • 3 November 2018
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I want to start this off with saying I'm no app developer and i dont know if any of what im going to list below is possible, but i hope something can be done to make life for creators to check their stats on mobile.
  1. When going to activity page( the page that first comes up while opening the app), i find it hard to go through all my activity because the density of it is all likes. It is tough to locate who is reposting your music, and even commenting. My suggestion would be to have a tab on one of the top corners where users can have a selection of what type of interactions they want to see: likes, reposts, and comments. This would just make notifications easier to go through.
  2. On desktop, when going through stats, one is able to create a custom period of time to view their stats, and a graph is created. It would be nice if when on the app the same could be done as well. For example, the drop down menu on the stats page has options for today, this week, this month, last 12 months, and all time. If there could be an additional one that says custom, like the desktop version, upon selecting that option, there could be 2 dates where you could type in or select when you want to view stats, or even a calendar.
  3. This one has to do with the tracks page on mobile and desktop. When looking at all your tracks, on each page on desktop only 20 are visible at a time, and ,mobile its an endless page untill you find your track. My thought process of the whole tracks page was for users to edit their tracks (titles, tags, track audio, and ect.), but why cant they do the same thing just on their regular page. When going to edit tracks, depending on when you posted them, they can be either really recent, at the end, or somewhere in the middle. On mobile you could be scrolling for a while until you find the correct song, or even miss it in the process of looking for it, and on desktop you have to go page by page just to find it. My proposal is an easy one: a simple search bar. With this users can easily find their song that they want to edit and make changes to them with out searching through all their songs, even with the tracks page being a thing. Also tracks that were posted around the same time the song you were searching for was posted, enabling creators to have the option to edit other songs that may be in the same album or ext.
  4. I might not be looking hard enough, but can we get a messages tab like we have on desktop. This is something that should go on both pulse and the regular SoundCloud app.
This is what i could think of, but i want to hear what other people have to say, so please put down what you think below and any other ideas.
Keep creating.

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