Just an idea?

  • 17 January 2019
  • 1 reply

For the longest time I’ve wondered, why haven’t they added an equalizer for songs in the app, like seriously, do it.

1 reply

Well, we kindly asked a lot of times in the beta-test group on Google+, but it didn't worked out. I'm hopping to get the support of third-party eq's soon.
I'm not quite sure if i'm correct, but i think soundcloud uses it's own audio-codec which converts a flac for example into a file that can be placed in the cache which makes it more unlikely that people try to extract the tracks from the cache to get the audio file. As a solution to that, they process the file and send direct commands to the dac which explains why they haven't added support for third party eq's. The result of that are crackling noises on different devices because the sound processing is not accurate enough. Why does everyone (me too) wants to reinvent the wheel?

Correct me if i'm wrong