Just some suggestions

  • 15 September 2019
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I just wanted to post some suggestions I have for the website here because I (and probably many other people also) would love to see them implemented.

#1 - Being able to delete track thumbnails:
Sometimes people (like myself for example) no longer want their tracks to have thumbnails. Much like the "delete header" button, I feel that a "delete thumbnail" button should

#2 - Profile search feature:
This one isn't as important to me as the last one, but I think it'd be nice to be able to search for tracks directly in a users profile. Imagine YouTube for example, where you can directly search through the videos on a user's channel. I think it'd be a neat addition.

This list is a W.I.P. right now so I may add more to it later when I think of more things. And also, I don't know if there is a reason that these features haven't been implemented so apologies for suggesting them if there is.

Also if anyone, happens to see this, feel free to leave you're suggestions too :>

3 replies

make auto play a settings function. I want most of my playlists to stop at the end. They are built that way.

Fix Notifications...serious. Fix the notifications. they are getting better but still are not as advertised.

Search results are getting better but still seem arbitrary. I laughed at the Disco Algo description...Please. dont church it up...fix it

Turn off reposts by user

add more control over user profile library

more control over what is played from a liked playlist. It is an injustice to users that have created the playlist. I like the playlist, play the list, like the songs i want, dump the playlist. I could just edit the playlist, user keeps the like and I dont have 15 more songs in my liked library to find something to do with.
sometimes I wonder if the people that work at soundcloud actually use the product.
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Definitely second the idea of being able to turn off reposts by user - or any other methods for controlling/optionally-filtering-out reposts for the stream.