Lack of promotions?

  • 6 November 2017
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I found that Soundcloud currently does not offer any promotional tool for producers. Groups were a great tool and nothing is there for sharing and networking at the moment. The current Pro plans do not have any advantage but only for listeners. I dont find anything useful there to pay for.
The only way to promote is to pay fb ads however due to the lack of working embedded player tools this is rather inefficient. Fb is not for music and soundcloud should dominate this area!
I would be happy to join the soundcloud team to make this work out! Its such a wasted potential and its a real pity! Seriously I would consider to give up and change my current job as soundcloud and music production was always my hobby and I feel this is wasted for many talents here.
By the way I find it incredibly annoying that there is no direct communication possibility with support team as well. However I hope my message will get there somehow (gosh it's like in the 15th century sending a letter in a bottle) :?
Just get in touch and happy to see new contacts, messages, listeners followers as well 😉 :8

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