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  • 30 August 2018
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I was moving songs from multiple playlists to my likes so I could play them on shuffle and since combined it would be over 500 songs I couldn't just make a new playlist to shuffle them in. This triggered the warning for like spam so I tried to wait for a bit then go back to liking the songs at a slower pace waiting about 20 seconds between likes. I still got hit with a like block for one day as the system still thought I was spamming.

If the concern is about bots spamming why doesn't the final warning include a CAPTCHA? Have a block that can be lifted if you can complete a CAPTCHA that verifies that you are not a bot and allows you to continue with what you are doing. This immunity to being blocked can wear off every once in a while like maybe a day or even only an hour or so to avoid accounts being verified once then given to a bot.

I feel like this would be a better system since the current one just hits you with a block after some vague number of likes in a certain time frame. I understand it has to be kept vague to avoid exploits but the current system is just as annoying for legitimate users.
Also please fix shuffle to actually be a random shuffle.

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