Make Advanced Search Functions Customizable

  • 28 March 2019
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I noticed you can't choose the city when you search for artists.

Wouldn't a search engine for soundcloud with advanced filter selection be a great way to connect artists to each other?

I look for some specific things, but ultimate I find browsing the search function of isn't really fruitful unless I already know what I'm looking for.

It turns out I don't know what I'm looking for, but I still like to look. But the suggested lookups are not enough for me.

How about that, huh? No sarcasm here, just "Hey it'd be nice if..."

1 reply

Dear Chrometor,
I am not someone from SoundCloud customer service, but as I was genuinely interested in your idea. So, I thought it would be great to provide some input on it and some criticism which is not hateful at all.
Starting with the ugly middle position you find yourself stuck in when you don’t know what you’re looking for but still want to look for it, just know that you’re not the only one. I find myself in a similar position when I want to order some food via an online platform. It’s like I want to try something new but I don’t know what, and the food items or the restaurant appearing on my page are not fitting the criteria.
To my realisation, I can’t recall a single application which has been able to solve this problem for me. If other people are having similar issues, it can be really beneficial for SoundCloud to be the first one to do so.
How can they solve the issue, search filters might prove to be a good option.
Although, if they do make an attempt at it, there are some valuable inputs which might be worth considering.

You requested SoundCloud to provide a location based search for artists, songs, playlists etc. which is absolutely an amazing idea but there are a few reasons people might disapprove of it.
For example, if a user or an artist(wanting faceless fame, like Marshmello) would not like to disclose his location. They would certainly not be comfortable with this unless they were provided a feature to keep their personal information confidential.

User - Artist Interface
On the other hand, for the users or artists who are trying to achieve named fame would be greatly in favour for this. Hence, to increase the effectivity of the possible feature, providing the artists a method to attract the listeners would prove to be useful. It will not only increase the artist’s fan following but might as well be able to create a base for an additional source of revenue for SoundCloud.
To explain this properly, I’ll take an example.
Imagine an artist who as recently started producing music. SoundCloud can analyse the potential the artist has to reach fame and thus influence the music industry. Now, assuming the artist is unable to produce sufficient, good quality music due to lack of money, SoundCloud might be able to help them. All soundcloud has to do is charge a small fee for a certain service. The fee is not supposed to be hand to hand money.
Instead it should be a small percentage of the what the artist will start earning from his music(which will be constantly increasing if the artist proves to harness his talent and skill and put in audio).
Now the subtle trick is, the percentage should not be just from revenue the artist earns from SoundCloud, but from overall sale of their music.
So to earn that money, SoundCloud should be able to provide MULTIPLE features,
• Location based search for users
• Additional filters for search
• Introduction of music genres other than Top 50 and similar charts
• Daily Surveys INSIDE the SoundCloud app for users which asks them about the type of genres, location, artists, etc. they would currently prefer. The user should have the choice in their application setting to participate or not in the daily surveys.
•Monthly/Yearly surveys for artists which will inform SoundCloud about the exact type of music the artist is producing.
*• This feature might be tricky,
so based on the type of music a user listens to and the type of music an artist produces. Another survey should be provided to the users which enable them to listen to songs of their preferences keeping in mind they haven’t heard the songs on SoundCloud before. HOWEVER, it must be made sure, they are not able to listen to the complete song and the name of the song and artist is strictly not provided. After listening to the song, the user should be told before hand that they are agreeing to rate the song after listening to it, if they do not agree, they will not be able to hear the song. They can also comment or provide feedback to the SoundCloud employees.
Analysing from the rating and type of feedback the artists get on their songs. Their potential can be decided.
Thus, artists with potential above a predetermined standard, would be provided an option.
Which will have their music definitely suggested to the users who rated them and users with similar interests if they agree to pay SoundCloud a certain fee.
As I said, the fee should not be hand to hand money or instant payment.
Instead, it should be a small percentage of their revenue earned by their music irrespective of the platform the music earns from.

This was all the input I have for now, hope it proves to be beneficial for the users, artists and SoundCloud if they choose to apply it.

Thanking you
Your’s sincerely,