Make front page stream again

  • 30 January 2018
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I hated this on Android already but now it's on the web (desktop) as well.
Pls revert the front page (/home) to display stream again as the default.
I discover way less music, because I forget to check the stream. :(:(
before the change I discovered lots of music when starting the app and randomly scrolling through my stream.

The playlists might be nice, but I usually choose actively to use them, if I'm too lazy to select music myself at that moment. (so you don't need to show me that feature, since I'll use it, when I want to)
For actual random discovery I prefer the stream, because it's superior in every way.

Discovery is amazing for discovering great tracks in general (that are sometimes a year old and stuff, which you wouldn't see in the stream)

The stream is the greatest feature on your plattform for staying up-to-date on music and helps your plattform grow.
Don't hide it! This is a social plattform not just a music listening service after all.

If you don't want to revert, then pls at least give us the option to choose another front page (settings).

Thx for your attention :)🆒


Yes, the title is supposed to reference certain politicial campaigns for the fun of it. (no click bait intended)

4 replies

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Hi Djfe,

Thank you for your feedback. I've passed this on to our product team now.
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I don't know when it happened, but I just noticed, that /home is the stream page again.
I'm happy 🙂
Is there a fix for this? If not, I'd like my account switched to Stream as home 🙂
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What is the status on this matter? I would also strongly recommend to make the stream the start page through all applications incl. desktop - the recommendations page is really not helpfulin finding new music. Thank you