Make Pro account ad-free.

  • 23 October 2019
  • 1 reply

I have a Pro account and I keep getting ads. I understand there is a Go account for this purpose, but I still want to express my dissatisfaction with the pricing model.


I propose two possible changes that would satisfy me:

  1. Go account should be included in Pro account. I don’t understand that why I have to listen to ads, especially if I provide free content to Soundcloud and pay for hosting it.
  2. Make a setting where I can opt out from listening to artists that monetize their music. The reason I like Soundcloud is that it has a lot of creative commons and free underground music. I am fine with skipping artists that want to monetize.


Having to buy double subscription to get a reasonable Soundcloud experience is rather hostile against users in my opionion. Any thoughts on this?

1 reply

+1 for this.

Been paying for a pro account for about a decade, helping to bring some actual revenue to SC. Insulting to be asked to pay more.

I’ve let my account lapse back to a free one because of this, but would upgrade again if pro accounts were ad free.