Make using tags to find new music more intuitive

  • 3 February 2020
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As a DJ/Artist, I rely on a mix of Soundcloud and Beatport to find new music to play out/inspire me.

Scrolling through my SC stream is easy enough, and gets me some results.
However, it makes absolutely no sense that there isn’t a feature where you can opt to sort your stream by genre or hash tag. 

In addition to this, when I do click on a hash tag, the list of songs provided is almost ALWAYS irrelevant to the sound I’m looking for. If I’m looking for deep house tracks/labels/artists, I’m 100% NOT looking for a tropical house remix of “I’m in love with the coco” that was tagged “deep house” from 9 years ago, And yet, because it has 91million streams, that’s the first result I get. 

Not being able to sort Hash Tag search results by “Recent” or “relevant”, and having the only option be “most popular” is incredibly frustrating. Taking the Deep House example further, of the first 20 search Deep House search results, only 2 of them were made within the last 2 years. and of those two results, neither of them are even house at all- Its annoying.

To add to this, searching “#Deep House” In the search bar and filtering by tracks released between “a day ago” to “a month ago” doesn’t actually limit the search results to the hash tag. literally every result just has “Deep House” as the title of the track. Not sure about you, but I’ve never heard a striking track that used the genre as it’s title.

Long story short, Soundcloud needs to make searching for new tracks independent of its’ algorithm a little more effective. Granted, it’s algorithm that generates whole playlists based off tracks that I’ve liked is really good, but I think it’s search feature could use a lot of TLC.

1 reply

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The problem is how do you restrict people from tagging their tracks with every genre vaguely connected to their upload? You could perhaps put a limit on the amount of tags, like Bandcamp does, but I wouldn’t want some auto-detection system deciding what genre something is or isn’t.