More of a suggestion than anything else.

  • 19 July 2018
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So, here it is. I wanted to suggest a little something that could improve desktops users' experience.
I noticed that there is no icon to change the volume of what you are listening to ... I have to reduce my windows' volume instead, but the hic with it is, when you are playing games or anything else, you can't adjust the volume of your music, so if you windows' volume is at 100% it is way to loud and hold you to listen to your music while doing anything else. In big, I suggest you to add a volume controller so you can listen to your music while doing anything else. 🙂

Thank you 😀

4 replies

I agree with Aimeryc, I was looking to use the Windows store app hoping it would respond to keyboard next/previous/play/pause keys while the browser is not focused but the volume being tied to master severly limits the store app's use cases.
Hey, just want to clarify on this one: so you're not seeing the volume affordance to the right of the player as indicated in this screenshot?:

Hi Brian,

We're speaking about the SoundCloud for Windows (Beta) client available in the Windows Store. When playing there is no obvious volume control inside the application:

If you attempt to change the volume of the application through the Windows Volume Mixer it will change for a short moment before re-syncing with the master volume.
Brian X, there is none with the windows app store version.