We need a button that lets us select multiple tracks and then add them to a playlist that was already made I'm having an issue with adding songs to my playlist. I have a playlist with over 200 songs and I want to add it to a different playlist but I don't want to take forever to add them any ideas without haveing to download and re-upload .

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I second this motion. I want to create a playlist of favorite movie scores of mine, and I don't want to spend all day selecting. every. single. song. to add to the list.
Agreed. Wanted to download an artists’ albums to a singular playlist and it won’t let me. It’s tedious and annoying.
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Thanks for your feedback!
come on guys, I totally respect the fact you don't go messing with formats, layouts, and don't employ constant upgrading. That keeps it familiar and easy to jump on and off .... that is what keeps your customers on deck
But you have to upgrade functionality once and a while - to RESPECT your CUSTOMERS
Both existing and potential customers EXPECT TO SEE STANDARD FEATURES - why would you not

IF IT makes day to day operation more time consuming than it should (Multiple File Selection is STANDARD ISSUE!
IF IT is relatively simple fix (front end interface modification STANDARD coding, surprised possible to not have!
IF IT is a feature related to an INTEGRAL OPERATION TO BE PERFORMED OFTEN (ah, like populating Play Lists!)
IF IT is being ASKED FOR CONTINUOUSLY - and it is OBVIOUS it is a valid request